Wu-Tang Wednesday


But It’s really Wu-Tang forever. So I’m just getting out of work, I decided to come to Tim Horton’s to pass time. I have to pick up my shorty (Joron) in an hour. What a perfect time to grab a coffee and blog.


Here I am vibing to Wu-Tang Forever, and in comes a few police officers. They totally almost killed my vibe, I’m a little too solid for that though. So I’ll just keep sipping my latte and bobbing my head. But It’s very hard for me to ignore this man’s cologne next to me. I just love Wu-Tang Wednesday these raw and intellectual lyrics are so compelling. Without a doubt they help me boss up and get the courage to take on the rest of the week…

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This Weeks Rotation

So, ladies and gentleman, I must admit coming up with blog post topics aren’t as easy as I thought It would be. I’m going to make it happen, though “for cultural purposes” as my boy, B.Young would say lol.  I’m not quite sure how often I want to blog, I just want to be consistent. So I figure I can make a weekly post about what music I’ve listened to during the week…




Been listening since its release last month and can’t stop …

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Mothers Day Nostalgia

I have the most unhealthy attachment to the 90s. This post is about songs that place me in Risdale (Sunny Ridge Town homes) 1995-1999. My Mother always played music while she cooked or cleaned. Now as an adult I do the same thing and I always find myself playing the same music. I love that good feeling I felt as a child. Here’s a couple of the tracks that give me a nostalgia rush.

  • R.Kelly -You Remind Me of Something
  • Jade- Don’t Walk Away
  • Groove Theory- Tell Me
  • Next- Too Close
  • Tupac- I Get Around
  • Montell Jordan-Falling
  • Kut Klose- Surrender
  • Prince- I wanna be your lover
  • Mary J Blidge- You Are Everything
  • DonellJones-Shawty got her eyes on me
  • Toni Braxton- You’re Making Me High
  • Case ft Joe- Faded Pictures
  • Blackstreet- Don’t leave
  • Tamia- So Into you
  • SWV- You’re The One


There’s so much more but these where off the top of the dome lol

What are some songs that give you a nostalgia rush? 🙂

Being so indecisive is holding me back…


                           I’ve decided to make my first blog post about me being extremely doubtful. Although I want this blog to be dedicated to HipHop and music in general. I also would love to write a little about my personal life and experiences. I have no clue what I’m doing when it comes to blogging. But I’ve decided to dive in head first. I do believe that me being so doubtful is the reason I’ve taken so long to start a blog. I’m sure there are things I need to deal from a psychological standpoint lol.

Day 1 ….

                     I’m a work in progress so I’ll take things day by day. I’m making it my goal to work on being more consistent and decisive. The fact that I’m able to do this self-evaluation says a lot. I’m excited about this journey.