Wu-Tang Wednesday


But It’s really Wu-Tang forever. So I’m just getting out of work, I decided to come to Tim Horton’s to pass time. I have to pick up my shorty (Joron) in an hour. What a perfect time to grab a coffee and blog.


Here I am vibing to Wu-Tang Forever, and in comes a few police officers. They totally almost killed my vibe, I’m a little too solid for that though. So I’ll just keep sipping my latte and bobbing my head. But It’s very hard for me to ignore this man’s cologne next to me. I just love Wu-Tang Wednesday these raw and intellectual lyrics are so compelling. Without a doubt they help me boss up and get the courage to take on the rest of the week…

You know when you’re having a hard time with life … throw your hair in a bun… Scratch that!  Pick out your fro, Throw on some Wu-Tang and handle it LOL!


“Now what my man is trying to tell y’all, Is that across the whole globe .The murder rates is increasing, and we decreasing. So at the same time, when you play with guns
When you play with guns son.That causes the conflict of you going against your own (The Gods) You hear me, so let’s pay attention, Straight up and down, cause this is only a story, From the real” -Raekwon (Impossible)




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