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Life’s A B****



Starting this blog I told myself I would try my very best to be consistent. We all know that life happens, and baby life is definitely happening lol. I’m not one to discuss my private life. I’ll just say that financially and romantically life has been kicking my butt. On top of that, I swear I’m having a mid-life crisis at 24. How does that happen? I would like to do a weekly post on what I’ve listened to during the week. But instead,  for this week I would like to share a couple of songs that I related to during these trying times. LOL! These songs include Nas Ft. AZ Life’s a bitch, DMZ Slippin’, Notorious B.I.G Everyday Struggle, and J. Cole Love Yourz. All classics and in my opinion. It may be ironic that these songs make me feel better excluding Love Yourz, which is very inspirational. I believe it’s hearing lyrics that describe your exact feelings and knowing others go through the same things.

With confidence, you have won before you have started.
-Marcus Garvey


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One thought on “Life’s A B****

  1. I feel you on your choice of songs and I also can relate to them as well mainly the struggle of getting on your feet and staying on your feet, and never let life get you down hold your head up regardless!


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